Integrate Infusionsoft and ManyChat with Zapier

How to integrate Infusionsoft & ManyChat with Zapier

I am a fan of using the Facebook Messenger Bot tool ManyChat to boost engagement and build relationships with contacts. If you use Infusionsoft (or Keap) as your CRM you should make sure you connect them both to build relationships on steroids! In this blog post, I will share how you integrate Infusionsoft and ManyChat with Zapier.

Log in to your accounts to get started

1. Log in to your Infusionsot or Keap account on one browser tab. (If you do not have a Keap account please check out how you can sign up for a free 14-day trial account here or if you want to sign up for an Infusionsoft account check this out.) If you use Keap you can use fewer features with Zaps since the tool in Zapier currently is built for Infusionsoft but I think it will only be some time until there is a Keap integration that is fully functional for Keap features. Some features like orders are completely different so they will not be supported for Keap for example.

2. Log in to your ManyChat account on the next browser tab. You need to have a ManyChat PRO account to be able to do integrations so if you have a FREE account please upgrade inside the account. (If you do not have a ManyChat account yet sign up for the PRO plan here. The lowest plan starts at $10 /mo with up to 500 subscribers. The plan can grow with the size of your list :) You need to have a Facebook Page to use ManyChat. 

sign up to manychat

3. Login to your Zapier account on the third browser tab. You need to have a paid Zapier account to be able to use the Infusionsoft Zap which is a premium Zap. If you have a FREE account please upgrade inside the account. (If you do not have a Zapier account yet sign up to the free 14-day trial here. You get access to the premium features during the trial. The lowest plan starts at $15 /mo).

sign up to zapier

Let's create your first Zap to integrate Infusionsoft and ManyChat

1. Open up the browser tab where you are logged in to Click on the red button "Make a Zap!" on the top right corner to get started.

make a zap

2. In this how-to article, I will use the Beta Zapier Editor (you can also use the Classic Editor if you prefer it). 

a. Name your Zap in the top left corner. In this example, I will name my Zap "Send Mail with Checklist to ManyChat Subscriber"

name your zap

b. Click "Edit Trigger". Choose App "ManyChat". Choose Trigger Event "New Tagged User". Click the blue button "Continue".

trigger manychat add tag

c. If you already have your ManyChat account connected to Zapier it will show up in the list. If you have not connected your ManyChat account yet please click on the link "Add a New Account"

connect with manychat

d. A pop-up window will show you all the ManyChat accounts you have. Click on the blue button "Connect" next to the account you would like to connect to this Zap. Please, note that you only can connect ManyChat PRO accounts.

choose account to connect

e. When you have connected your account choose the ManyChat account of your choice in the list (if you have several). Then click the blue button "Continue".

choose manychat account

f. Choose the tag in the list (or search for it) that will trigger the Zap. Then click the blue button "Continue".

choose manychat tag

manychat tag

g. Make sure you have at least one subscriber in your ManyChat account that has the tag you would like to test and then click on the blue button "Find tagged User"

test your manychat trigger

h. Now it's time to add the next step in this Zap to integrate ManyChat with Infusionsoft. Please click on Add a Step Action/Search.


i. Choose Infusionsoft in the list of apps by starting to write "Infusionsoft" and then pick it in the list. Then in the Choose Action Events pick "Create/Update Contact". Then click the blue button "Continue".

choose infusionsoft event

j. If you already have your Infusionsoft account connected to Zapier it will show up in the list. If you have not connected your Infusionsoft account yet please click on the link "Add a New Account"

choose infusionsoft account

k. A pop-up window will open. Choose the Infusionsoft account you would like to connect to this Zap. Click the blue button "Allow" to connect the Infusionsoft account to Zapier.

connect to infusionsoft account

l. Choose the Infusionsoft account in the list to connect to this Zap and then click the blue button "Continue".

choose your infusionsoft account

m. Now it's time to set up the integration. What would you like to grab from ManyChat and add to Infusionsoft about your contact? Here are some examples. I choose to add First Name, Last Name, E-mail (from a custom field in ManyChat), add a tag to trigger a campaign in Infusionsoft, say yes to Opt-in and check duplicates on e-mail. When you are done please click the blue button "Continue" at the bottom of the page. You will see a summary of what is going to be added to Infusionsoft and you can test the actions by clicking the blue button "Send test to Infusionsoft". Zapier will trigger the Zap and you will see your new contact or updated contact in your Infusionsoft account. If the test did not pass Zapier will tell you what you need to fix. When you are done please click the link "Done Editing".

set up rules 1

set up rules 2

n. Your new Zap is created. To activate it toggle the Zap from Off to On in the right-hand corner. 

toggle zap to on

So there you have it. Now you know how to integrate ManyChat with Infusionsoft and have the accounts connected to Zapier. There are more than 159 possible integrations with ManyChat and Infusionsoft and this blog post only covers one of them. But they all follow the same workflow to set up. So go ahead and make other Zaps triggered by actions in Infusionsoft or ManyChat. Happy Zapping and let me know if I can be of any help :)

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