Episode #13 Chiara Aliotta

Super excited to announce Chiara Aliotta from Until Sunday and The Pattern Tales as the special guest of Sarah Watz on episode #13 of the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show. A conversation about life, business, and Joomla!

Live from Greece, Chiara talks about her passion for design and how Joomla! has given her the opportunity to design her dream life.

In this episode you will hear:

  • more about Chiara’s companies Until Sunday and The Pattern Tales
  • why she is giving away a beautiful and inspiring Creative Manifesto to one of our LIVE listeners
  • Chiara talk about the creative workflow and where she finds inspiration
  • her views and tips on branding for Joomla! companies
  • Chiara elaborate about the biggest design challenges for companies today
  • how she has designed her life to live the life she desires and how that regulates how manages her day
  • Chiara talk about her biggest struggle and what she have learn
  • how Chiara came in contact with Joomla! or how Joomla! found her :)
  • how she ended up as the brand manager for Joomla!
  • the story how the Joomla! heart came to life
  • her advice for designers that would like to start contributing to Joomla!

Contact info:
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